In the series of amazing volunteering stories from our Chapters across Andhra Pradesh, today we are publishing the story of one of our Changemakers Sirisha Krapa.

Sirisha giving a Compass box on the regard of “Fulfill A Wish” program.

When I heard about this organization, I thought it would be like any charity trust, which will be in the hands of some other people. After knowing the functionality and goal of the organisation, I am very much interested in joining the team. I was filled with excitement on my initial day of teaching. I was scheduled to teach 4th grade students on my first day along with one of the volunteers, Revathi. We taught about a legend Dr. Sarvepalli Radha Krishnan. All the students listened to us well and gave a good response at the time of queries. Every child was very active, and we have noticed the hidden talents in them. I took my first session on 31st December. Akshay, one of the students in the class, gave me a new year greeting, which was made by him. It was the best greeting card I have ever received in my life till date. While taking classes to those children, I remembered my childhood memories and felt nostalgic. All the volunteers of the organization are very interested and made all the programs successful. I’m feeling happy to be part of this.

That was so nice to see from Akshay! Team Saakshar felt glad to be surrounded by their love 🙂

Give 2 hours a week, educate and transform a class. Join the community of passionate volunteers who share a common vision and are willing to bring a change in the conventional education model, especially amongst underprivileged children. Help us in building a better tomorrow! Change starts with you. Do your part and make a difference. If you are interested in joining us, please drop a mail at

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