In the series of amazing volunteering stories from our Chapters across Andhra Pradesh, today we are publishing the story of one of our Changemakers Bhavya Galavila.

Bhavya interacting with students on her first day of Saakshar with great excitement!!

Young people often have the energy to do anything to the country and they are powerful agents for the change. Saakshar Organisation is the best platform for those youngsters who desire to motivate and develop learning abilities in students. Some of my best experiences are engaging with children by knowing their interests, showing them interesting videos and charts that help them pronounce, listen clearly, think critically and talk with each other.

On my first day in Saakshar, I really struggled a lot to make students involved in the discussion. So every time I tried to come up with new ideas and techniques that draw students attention and make them engaged and interested in the class. This has helped me to develop my communication skills and social skills.

Bhavya showing her valuable support to “Fulfill A Wish — Joy Of Giving” program.

Gajularega Donation Camp, Fulfill A Wish — Joy Of Giving and Happy Learning Project are the most unforgettable memories that fills me with satisfaction and thankfulness. I really feel privileged to be a member of Saakshar Organisation.

Give 2 hours a week, educate and transform a class. Join the community of passionate volunteers who share a common vision and are willing to bring a change in the conventional education model, especially amongst underprivileged children. Help us in building a better tomorrow! Change starts with you. Do your part and make a difference. If you are interested in joining us, please drop a mail at

Saakshar Organisation acts as a platform to showcase your skills, to check your capabilities and most importantly to learn new things and to do social good. If you think non-profits & education field will be interesting to your network please share it with them. Connect them to us, we’ll do our best to make it as fruitful as possible so they thank you for it. Please hit the recommend button on the bottom of this article, if you have liked this. Please do follow on Facebook and Instagram to stay updated with recent happenings in Saakshar.

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