Who We Are

We are a team of passionate individuals who share a common purpose which is serving the nation by fulfilling our part of responsibilities. We have Changemakers from different backgrounds in different colleges in different cities. We not only welcome students, but also anyone from any age group and any background can join us.

What do we mean by education?

The goal of education is to teach one to think intensively and critically for understanding and applying it, from which we build values and character, to think positively and act according to the situations. Education helps a living person to turn into a complete man/woman.

Our Mission

To make use of this powerful weapon, we have started ‘Saakshar’, an NGO (non-government organization) to club people with similar goals and give them a platform to serve the nation. We teach and strive hard to improve the skills of children, donate, buy necessary school accessories for the children and collect contributions to fulfill the dreams of the children and do everything possible to improve the standards in the government schools.

How We Do?

We continuously monitor each and every student’s performance and we generate clear analysis report of the student on their performance on engagement with their studies and skills. And we make sure to improve if the student’s knowledge is inadequate any area of study particularly.

We motivate every student with positive vibes to make them focus on their studies to perform well.