We are making things run forward for a better cause, but we need more support from the people to put a smile on the children’s face.

We understand that not everyone has to give a helping hand in their busy schedule. But life much more than working for Money, Status, and Satisfaction.

When a child is smiling because of you, then the level of satisfaction you get is unpredictable and you can’t imagine the delight of those feelings. Some of us help directly and some indirectly. The direct way is to do volunteering. We welcome all age groups from all parts of India and encourage any kind of service to Saakshar organization.

Although, Volunteering is one of its kind of service,  we accept donations in the form money, books, uniforms, money and any required miscellaneous things might be very useful in a long term. Saakshar is a non-profit organization and we believe in transparency. Every single rupee you donate will be used for a better cause to provide the best facilities possible to the children and will be notified with a clear report on how the money is spent. Donation not only helps a child to continue or start his/her education but will also help you to get blessed abundantly with all the blessings of the poor parents. Keep a part of your savings for helping.

To donate please provide the details,

We’ll get to you very soon.

For more details contact us at:

Email : saakshar.org@gmail.com
Phone : +919494858694


 “Donate and Lead a Satisfied life”