Volunteer to create change

Save a child by joining the hands and bring a light in their faces. Come, Join us and Shape the Future of the Children.

In order, to help poor people, Saakshar organization took an initiative to offer education for underprivileged in India by taking volunteers into the action.

Volunteers are the backbone of every nonprofit organization in India. They always strive hard to offer free education for poor, by dedicating their valuable time to light up the candle in children’s life.

Which indeed it is like a seed, which grows only by sharing your knowledge.

Although, there are many foundations in India, they are unable to educate every child. So, here at Saakshar, we planned and organized the outreach in a structural manner, in order to reach out every corner. We started going to government schools every Saturday to educate the children with our volunteer’s help. Indeed it just takes us 2 hours of time and the results are really motivating.

We are excited and want to make this a platform for volunteers who want to join and offer their service to the children and we want to grow in educating them. An interested volunteer can teach in the schools, we are already dealing with in the Visakhapatnam and Vizianagaram. In addition, we will help you with the process of taking up responsibilities in a new government school in your locality. We at Saakshar understand that everyone wants to do something for the poor children but, some people don’t find time in their busy schedule. But don’t worry, Indeed people are most welcome to do a donation for education for the children. You can donate in the form of money or any other necessary school accessories. Anyone with a kind heart and helping nature can always be a part of us. Our goal is to expand our services and help as many as we can.

Key Takeways

  • Get certified.
  • Experience.
  • Personal development.
  • Gain confidence.
  • Meet people and have fun
  • Learn new skills.
  • Take on a challenge.
  • Be part of a community.
  • Make a difference.
  • Lots of love.

How to become a Changemaker

Register Yourself

To ensure the safety of and support to the students, all volunteers must be registered. Our application process is thorough and provides what we need to make volunteers successful. Feel stuck? We’re here to help.

Meet volunteers

Find out more about us and what volunteering with Saakshar is all about. Then together we can clarify the best role for you based on availability, and what you want to learn and do.

Begin your journey

You will have an amazing time no matter what you do for Saakshar. You’ll meet interesting students, make friends, work with passionate volunteers and gain experience and other skills that will last a lifetime.



( is a neighborhood situated on Vishakapatnam and Madhurawada Road. )



( located just away from Vizag on the Bheemli beach road.)



( located just away from Vizag on the Bheemli beach road.)




( is a census town in Vizianagaram Mandal.)



( Village near the town of Gajapathinagaram.)


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Be a part of us

We will help you with the process of taking up responsibilities in a new government school in your locality.

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Primary Responsibilities

  1. Mentoring to all students in a class.
  2. Adopting and giving service.
  3. Listening attentively to student questions, comments, and concerns.
  4. Providing or contributing to oral and written assignments to students.
  5. Assessing, recording and reporting on the development, the progress of students.